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wow what a stupid commentary. I am a voter and guess what, I REMEMBER!! I remember how Sniff, a FIRED assistant sheriff was APPOINTED by 3 nerds. I REMEMBER when we the PEOPLE were promised we could VOTE for this elected position. I REMEMBER how these same 3 nerds reneged on that promise. Sniff STOLE the sheriff job, never earned it and never approved by the PEOPLE! All you comment about is someone who gave money SO WHAT? It's sad that todays election wins depends on who raises the most money. I am voting for Frank because he is the best man for the job and not some FIRED dude that can't balance his own budget, that is out of touch with the people of this County that basically is what he always was, a FIRED employee. Really! Who do you think you are kidding! Spread all the smear and "rumors" you want, all you are doing is helping Robles gain more support.

Perhaps you should take a look at Andrews International ?

Frank has very spotted past, keep digging and be prepared for just about anything.

But remember this, Frank is just a puppet and always has been, a Teflon coated puppet.

The writer of this article seems to be in the back pocket of Stanley Sniff! this is not the first article which has tones of corruption being carried out by Frank Robles. Why not instead of wondering why an LA business owner is supporting Robles is the question not asked how did Sniff acquire a six figure war chest? Why is it that no one seems to know why Sniff was fired? The writer sure has questions about Robles could he not do an investigation into the firing? Is he so basis that he only writes about the contributions of one candidate and not the other? Having had to deal with the dept under Sniff there seems to be a dept that does not or will not do it's job. The hiring of deputies that refuse to take action even when presented with the evidence is quite clear here in the Jurupa area. Their never around in a timely fashion and seem to be quite irritated that they had to come out to the call at all. Hopefully when Robles wins the election the politically correct hiring practices will stop, and will finally get deputies who really want to do their job instead of collecting a paycheck. The spineless wonders who work in the Jurupa area are amazing and I can only hope that the change happens soon! I will be supporting Robles in the next election and for the sake of the Jurupa areas safety he wins!

I know Frank Robles as a friend and what I read here is lies. There are laws that protect people from telling lies against people running for office. Im sure Stan knows this. I worked for Frank in Desert Hot Springs and I know two things about Frank. Integrity and Honesty.

Why not ask more about Robles time at Desert Hot Springs? If you really want to find out what he did and how he did it ,for example how he became Chief. Go ahead Frank, tell everyone how you maneuvered that one. What he was involved with while he was Chief and how he was responsible for the Departments demise. This is only the tip of an enormous iceberg. It will all come out eventually.

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