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Problem is Schwartzenegger's - because he's not able to force anyone to the table, and because it's impossible to get this situation under control without new taxes.

Problem is Prop 13 -- because it drastically reduced the amount of money available from property tax, sending California into deficit spending.

Problem is the 2/3 rule -- allowing 3 Republican Senators to hold the state budget hostage because they refuse to vote for any new taxes to support necessary government spending.

Problem is the "no tax" mantra -- people forgetting that every dollar spent on taxes gives us hundreds in essential services -- from the DMV and Highway Patrol to building roads (that employ contractors for projects) and schools, to paying for teachers, cops and firefighters.

We need state services. It's a fantasy that you can provide state services without legitimate taxation.

Don't get fooled by the "no tax" mantra. It's a bogus argument and this state budget crisis proves it's wrong.

Gray Davis stuck us with these huge labor contract problems that we have today!

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