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"The City Manager will get to keep his unjustified salary and avoid laying off worthless members of his staff that are also collecting fat checks that they probably don't deserve either." - well, well....isn't sweet! In June Bob will be laying off "cheaper" workers, but who knows about the ones that really should be going like the Deputy City Manager, Assistant to the City Manager, Community Development Director that would rather work half days, the huge City Attorney's office!

Interesting how the City Council of Moreno Valley wants to contract out all of Development Services!!!!!
I guess they don't remember how bad it was the first time most of the city's workers were contract.
It is not fair to the workers who been working hard for the City! Maybe someone like Iddo put this idea into the heads of Robin and Jesse - we know it takes very little for them to vote "yes" on whatever Iddo wants..........

All of the Moreno Valley City Council and City Manager's Office needs to read the following article on "Who Should Fix the Potholes?"

Contractor workers DO NOT work!

While the City Attorney's Office couldn't not meet the required budget reduction required by the City Manager, the head City Attorney will get a $17,779 per year raise! The $134,000 plus that the department is over
could fund at least 2 positions elsewhere in the City of Moreno Valley.

Nice to know that the City of Moreno's City Council really doesn't care about its employees.

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