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Nobody wants tax increases,but as little as these new takes will cost the president's tax cut will make up for the cost. My wife works for the school district she is voting for a 5% paycut to avoid people losing their jobs. This budget problem is only hurting the people that voted for you. The presidents plan will help the state and the schools,but without a budget this state will get nothing. For the sake of the people who put you in office vote the budget in. It is a horrid package but for the good of the state it needs to be signed. Califorina is 43rd in education and without the president's money we will be worse.I just did a calculater for the tax increases for us it would be about 6 hundred the president's 8 hundred put's us ahead but without a budget the state is in alot of trouble do not destroy the lives of the people who vote for you by being stubborn.

If any of those jerks in Sacramento think that they can get out of a recession with a tax increase should have their head examined.

We need to reduce the cost of the government. Pay cuts and layoffs are needed, not more taxes.

It would not surprise me if total tax revenue actually goes down after all these tax increases. Who is going to purchase a new car now?

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