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Welcome Inside Riverside County... one of the fastest growing counties in America where the air is chewable, traffic is plentiful, and job opportunities do not exist.

Combining news reporting with comentary and satire, this blog is dedicated to pulling the curtain back in Riverside County and taking a look at what's really going on in Riverside County, the cities in the county, and with the people holding the reins of power.

Just like the Washington Post exposed the abuses of power in Watergate which led to Richard Nixon's resignation, Inside Riverside's exceptional sources within the halls of power in Riverside County helped expose Sheriff Bob Doyle's abuse of power and our blog stories are credited by many to leading to Doyle's hasty resignation from office in 2007.

We are also committed to exposing the yellow journalism of the Press Enterprise which we believe shows less journalistic integrity and ethics than the National Enquirer on a daily basis. Hence why Inside Riverside affectionately refers to that birdcage liner as the Press Enquirer.

Basically, Inside Riverside is an exercise the First Amendment in a world where left wing political correctness, right wing hyper-patriotism, and ad revenue funded newspapers work hard to suppress the free exchange of ideas and criticism.

We hope you enjoy the site!