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The connection between Frank Robles and Leo McIntyre is easy to make. It goes back to when Frank was at the coroners office and Leo's wife died. That's where I understand they became friends and for some reason remain so. Doyle was Roble's superior then. Leo became Bob's friend too and he's been such good friends with them that he's contributed quite liberally to both of their campaigns. Maybe someone should take a look at Mrs. McIntrye's autopsy report. Maybe there's something there. Maybe there's not. But one way or the other the public has the right to know if there's some weird reason why these three fellas are such good friends.


It's clear that he's being backed by Frank Robles and Ron Komers. Robles was a failure at DHS and RSO. That's why Robles lost his job at both. Didn't know about the Mrs. McIntyre stuff, but its definitely something worth looking into.

The way Komers mistreats injured cops is a sin. He may not have to answer for his actions in this life, but if there is Divine Justice and I believe there is, he will be held to answer for it in the next.

I have no doubt that Murray will allow Komers to impose pay cuts of 10% or more on RSA members and to cut our retirements that we've paid into.

A vote for Mike Murray is a vote to cut your pay, your retirement and to decrease your family's quality of life.

RSA MEMBERS! The choice is yours! Choose wisely!

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