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Thanks for putting up the Play Ball ad on Benoit. And thank's for not posting the other information I sent you on him. I look forward to seeing your followup on those stories. Hopefully Battin will beat Benoit next year.

Your commentary about Roy Wilson's letter of resignation seems to take the long way around to get nowhere. The signatures don't match, so what... A dying man may have had his son or wife or friend sign the letter. Furthermore the letter had had no meaningful impact on his eventual appointment. What is relevant is whether or not Benoit's ambition was such that he took advantage of dying man to get his endorsement and $200,000 in campaign funds. No one doubts Benoit is an opportunist. That’s not news… Your vitriol for John Benoit, dear writer just diminishes you and exposes you for what you are a small minded person who feels important by criticizing everyone who isn’t as smart as you, which is almost everyone on the planet. Benoit is a poor example of a public servant in my book, but at least he is out front in the arena not hiding behind an anonymous blog like you, our dear writer!

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