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Frank Robles WILL NOT not win this race matter how much money Leo McIntyre and his wife spend!

Usually don't care much for this damn blog but you got this one mostly right for a change. It should not come as a surprise to any of us who have been around that Mike Murray is a shill for Frank Robles and Ron Komers. First he's going to give our dues to Robles for his campaign, then he's going to get bent over the negotiating table by Komers and we're all going to get screwed. If Murray snakes his way into office we can all kiss our retirements good bye.

No on Robles, I think Leo's wife passed away. You are probably referring to his girlfriend.

First of all those that know Murray know that he likes Frank Robles but has not promised anything to him or anyone else. Murray has no intentions of giving anyone any of RSA's money. Murray feels that the membership should make that decision. Murray wants to give RSA back to the membership and allow the membership to decide who gets money and how much especially one million dollars. Murray did support Bob Doyle as did thousand of citizens who re-elected him. Who ever wrote the information about Murray does not know Murray and supports the current RSA Persident. If the Persident of RSA can give anything away to Komers its a sad day for RSA because that means the membership is not involved and the RSA President is the only negotiator. The person also wrote that if Murray snakes his way into office we can kiss our retirement away maybe they don't realize that he gets to retire one day also. And to show that this person does not know Murray he listed him as a Deputy but Murray is an Investigator.

Murray does not dislike Sheriff Stan Sniff and does not care if Sheriff Sniff gets all of the RSA money. Murray does feel that decision should be made by the membership and not a few select RSA members.

To the person calling themselves an RSA member, you obviously don't know Mike Murray at all. He was one of Bob Doyle's hatchet men and was proud of it. Doyle did more to harm the RSO and harm its deputies than any sheriff in the history of the county. When others stood up to Doyle where was Murray? NOWHERE!!! Murray is only trying to take over the RSA so he can turn its operations over to the 2nd Floor. He works for Admin for God sakes! He won't be representing deputies interests. He'll be looking out for Admin and IA like he always has been. You're right. Murray's not a deputy any more. He's a puppet of those who want us to work unpaid overtime and think the POBR only applies to the Softball Team!

Mike Murray is a reasonable man and would make a good president of RSA. Murray understands that this recession effects everyone. RSA members should not be immune just because they are cops. It is reasonable for them to feel the pain of budget cuts. Pat McNamara has unreasonably refused to even talk about salary reductions for the members or implementing a two tier pension system. Murray would bring a fresh and reasonable perspective to bargaining table. If Riverside County is going to stay solvent then RSA members at the very least need to take cuts in their salaries and pay for their own health insurance. I trust that Mike Murray understands this and if elected president will be able to convince his members to make these reasonable sacrifices for the greater good of Riverside County.

To the person calling themselves Murray for President, no need for an alias. We know its you Mr. Komers. If its not you Ron its definitely someone who works for you in HR. Thank you for posting your support for Mike Murray. You prove my point exactly about him. Murray is nothing more than a puppet for someone elses agenda. He does not care about the membership. He only cares about his ego and the angry Doyle people he's surrounded himself with. MURRAY'S ANOTHER OBAMA! He will say whatever sounds good to get elected but doesn't mean a damn word of it. If anyone votes for Murray they need to be evaluated for fitness for duty!!!


Received Murray's piece of (EXPLETIVE) mailer. Don't ever remember him serving as an RSA Director. I also know that Pat has been challenged at least twice since he took over from Dan. That's at least 2 lies Murray put in his campaign material. Are there more? What else is he lying about about? Not sure but I'll be calling RSA tomorrow to complain about the lies in his mailer. If you weren't sure of it before you can be now. Mike Murray will say and do anything to get elected. A vote for Murray is a vote for a pay cut and increased health insurance costs.

Sorry Murry for president. My information is RSA had offered concessions to the county for an approximate 1 year extension. It was the county who came back and said no thanks. They would see RSA at the normal renegotiation meetings for the expiring contract. This would be where Komers and Luna would then look for retirement and wage concessions, forcefully. This would be done by dragging out the contract talks past the expiration of the current contract and then declare impasse. Then they would impose whatever they want as they did to SEIU and the DDA Association.

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