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Fun reading but this tripe is built on "if this is true," and "sources tell us." Stan Sniff, our appointed sheriff, has done nothing to earn my vote. His enormous ego is not justified by his performance in office. I want to see Robles in action before commiting to him, but this hatchet job is built on Jello.

And all of that matters because why? I read that Robles has basically put management on notice that the gravy train is coming to an end and that the scarce money in the department is going to be focused on the officers and law enforcement workers FIRST. Maybe that's why you're taking pot shots at him...because he's actually taking a stand. A stand for cops, not pencil pushers.

Sniff was appointed by the Board to end the corruption that was destroying RSO since Doyle became Sheriff. Even Lingle said he would change the dept's course if they voted for him. Which everyone knows was a lie. The SOFTBALL TEAM still would have been in charge, not the REAL COPS.

Another thing that discredits Doyle and anyone he endorses is the fact that another idiot with one of his executive council badges was hooked up in Newport last month. Doyle said they had all been collected. So did Lingle. They were lying and you can't trust a damn word either of them says.

Who shot Officer Davis?

Frank knows who.

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