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The only thing that can save Moreno Valley is job-creating businesses. That's why Moreno Valley needs Sketchers.

Sketchers will create 2,500 jobs that are badly needed in Mo Val. 1,100 of those jobs will be created in the construction industry immediately upon approval. SKETCHERS WILL CUT UNEMPLOYMENT AND GET PEOPLE BACK TO WORK FASTER THAN ANY FEDERAL STIMULUS PLAN!

Sketchers will provide $1.4 million to Moreno Valley this year alone from taxes and fees collected. THIS WILL PREVENT LAYOFFS AT THE FIRE DEPARTMENT!

Sketchers will reduce future traffic for the east end of Moreno Valley by 58% when compared to traffic that would be allowed if high density housing was put on this area instead of this industrial park. THIS WILL REDUCE TRAFFIC, GREENHOUSE GASES AND PROTECT THE QUALITY OF THE AIR!

Sketchers will put over $150 million into the local economy. Much of this money will be spent in Moreno Valley and taxed. 7% of $150 million is $10,500,000. SKETCHERS WILL END MORENO VALLEY'S BUDGET CRISIS. NO PARKS WILL CLOSE AND MAYBE WE WILL FINALLY HAVE A LIBRARY!

Also, Sketchers will be the most environmentally friendly building in the entire United States. When it opens President Obama may actually come to town and cut the ribbon! That how green and unique this project is. Our new President already knows about it! SKETCHERS WILL PUT MORENO VALLEY ON THE MAP FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN DRIVE BY SHOOTINGS!

None of this matters to the hard core environmentalists like George Haig, Sue Gilcrest, and Penny Newman (she doesn't even live in Mo Val) who have their own radical agenda to pursue. They could care less about jobs. They would rather kill jobs and protect critters and plants that are not even endangered on land they do not own than ever do something constructive or productive with their seemingly worthless little lives.

Don't let these three bozos or their cronies fool you. SKETCHERS IS GOOD FOR MORENO VALLEY AND WILL HELP KEEP OUR CITY SOLVENT!

If any planning commissioner or city councilmember votes against Sketchers they do not deserve to have their jobs since their votes mean they don't care about our jobs!

I, for one and quite a bit of others, are AGAINST the warehouses.

The warehouses will not only bring an air quality that will increase our risk of cancers, but the traffic will make getting on and off Redlands, Theodore impossible. The truckers already have more of the road than the cars do and they do not share. The trash, noise and the extra illegals waiting on the corners for day work will increase.

The argument of the warehouses creating more jobs is incorrect. Sketchers is just moving jobs from one location to another.

Robin Hastings and Jessie Molina were bought by Iddo and his people. Iddo is out for himself and only himself. He does not care one iota for the hard working people of this community. He has empty property sitting up on Irish that he has yet to finish. Why not complete one project before trying to start another.

It will be very interesting to see what happens this week.

By the way, name calling is very unprofessional.

I do not consider myself an activist, only someone who wants the City of Moreno Valley to grow into something the residents can be proud of. There should be a variety of housing and lot sizes to provide homes and opportunities for the residents. I don't care if you rent (I have lived in some pitiful housing while following a military husband through Georgia and North Carolina) or own large lots with equestrian zoning. The warehousing will eliminate any opportunity for the eastern portion of the City to provide upscale housing. Who would want to put that kind of money in a home that overlooks the roofs of millions of square feet of warehousing? The comments sound like Skechers will be the salvation of the City. I don't think an international company really gives a rat's --s about our City. If we don't have higher standards for our own City, and take some responsibility for telling our Council how we feel, we will get what the developer (Iddo Benzeevi) gives us...diesel pollution, traffic, and low paying jobs. Don't let him convince you otherwise. Just think for yourselves and set goals for your City. Thanks. SG

Sue, you lost any credibility you had when you continued to back that crook Frank West even after you became aware of the fact that West solicited a $100,000 bribe to vote for the Sketchers project.

If you actually gave a damn about this city you would have stopped supporting West. You didn't and now you are helping to spread West's lies about the Sketchers project.

You have no integrity and should go back to Georgia or North Carolina, if they'll take you.

You people that keep picking on Frank West, have you no decency! The man was thrown out of office and he hasn't made a peep since!

Sure Frank was a skirt chasing booze hound who couldn't tell his left from his right, but he did do one very important thing in his 12 years in office, he allowed us to call our east end community Rancho Belago!

How great it was to put those return address labels on the Christmas Cards these last two years. Rancho Belago, CA 92555! My friends thought I had hit the lotto and finally given up on Moron Valley!

Still can't get the relatives to come out from for Christmas though. They're too scared to drive through Moreno Valley, and they all live in Compton!

But back to the point at hand, please leave Frank West alone. He did one good thing right with Rancho Belago and for that we should all chip in and send him a bottle of his favorite Irish whiskey and the call girl of his choice. Maybe even two! Bottles that is, not call girls! They get expensive.

Where does this stuff come from? 1. Moreno valley ALREADY has 3 firefighters on an engine (increased from previously only two). NO reductions of this type for fire service is in cluded in the City Manager's multi-page "Deficit reduction plan".

2. Moreno Valley's Parks are NOT funded with sales tax, but with an $87.50 parcel fee that has remained unchanged in over 15 years. NO such impact to the City's Parks would 9or could) result from the downturn in the economy.

3. The City manager took steps LAST YEAR to reduce spending that resulted in eliminating funding for 40 city employee positions and then laid off 4 active employees last year also. Across the board budget cuts were also completed, and more are on the way.

Three questions for you then MV Insider...

1. If Moreno Valley is so financially sounds, why is the city operating unsafely with three firefighters on the engine when both the federal and the state OSHA standard is 4, or as its known by IAFF and CPF as 2 in/2 out?

2. If declining tax revenue is not a problem that could affect all city services, why did the City Council need to trick the voters into passing an increase of the UTT when it will in fact turn into a tax increase within five years, rather than being revenue neutral as the Council told the people?

3. If the City Manager is so concerned with the financial well being of the City, why hasn't he taken a pay cut to lead by example? Instead Bob took at 7 percent pay increase to $266,635 in the midst of a recession and despite the fact that Mo Val's median income is $56,111.

The number of jobs to be created by Sketchers is a lie! According to the current Inland Empire magazine in their "top employers" article, they only have around 300 employees! Where is this thousands of jobs coming from? And so what - even if they were to be that many, at $9.00 ah hour could you pay your mortage?

And sadly - many of the City of Moreno Valley's employees are going to get pink slips soon even though the City Manager sent a "sweet" "happy" "everything is ok" email.

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