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West and White had well-funded smear campaigns against them, paid for by a developer who wishes to build mega-warehouses (up to 35 million square feet!) in an area currently zoned as business park (i.e., professional offices and shops) and homes. West and White opposed amending the City Plan without involving the voters in what is arguably the biggest land use decision since the City Plan was developed. Hastings and Molina received campaign funds from the developer, and both have expressed their support for the warehouses.

Information on campaign contributions is from 460 forms (M.V. City Clerk) and on warehouse size, from the Press-Enterprise and M.V. city staff.

While I can't address what West or White believed in, I can say that I am not aware of any direct contributions to either Hastings' or Molina's campaigns by my organization of whom you are apparently speaking.

The developer, one of many contributors to the Moreno Valley Taxpayers Association, made contributions to my organization. I am pretty sure that Mr. Benzeevi made no direct contributions to any candidate in Moreno Valley ever.

My group carried on the campaign. The MVTA has almost 300 Moreno Valley resident members.

Based on the overwhelming defeats of both White and West, I think it can be inferred that they and their political positions were not well liked by the residents they purported to represent. In other words, they were totally out of touch with the community.

I am also not aware of any public support for warehouses by either Molina or Hastings. Actually, I believe Councilwoman Hastings in her own literature pieces stated she was against unnecessary warehouses.

After a fair hearing with the evidence presented to the Planning Commission and the City Council, you will find out what Ms. Hastings and Mr. Molina actually believe.

It is also clear that you do not know what the business park designation means. The only limit on business park is a maximum single building size of 50,000 feet. That means that you could build a campus of 30 truck warehouses without seeking a zone change in this area.

I don't know about 35M feet. The only application currently pending is a single building of about 1.8M feet. Or in the alternative, they could build 36 50,000 warehouses give or take. And the 36 warehouses would not require any approval for zone or general plan change.

It is absolutely amazing how much faulty information is floating around out there.

Mr. Geller, you should be named the Citizen of the Year for 2008! What you did was tremendous and historic. You got rid of those two worthless A-Holes, Frank West and Charles White. They were an embarassment to our city.

Frank West never met a bottle of booze, a woman, or a contribution from a developer he didn't like. That may work in Washington where there's 535 members to pick up the slack, but in Moreno Valley we need councilpeople who actually will do that damn job.

Charles White from what I can tell never met a black, mexican, or a jew he liked. Guys like White talk about the glory days of segregation and think the Holocaust was all make believe. How fitting that old senile fool got his butt kicked by a Mexican American!

Too bad you didn't go after Bill Batey. I've known furniture with more common sense and bigger plans than that man. But maybe next year you'll make up for that oversight and finish the job by finding some people to replace Bonnie Flickknger and that jackass lawyer Richard Stewart.

So is Moreno Valley really going bankrupt?

Reality check:

1. Moreno Valley last year eliminated funding for 40 city positions and LAID OFF 4 active-career employees before the end of 2008. They ARE considering more along this line

2. NO such cuts to fire service are being considered, for one: the city ALREADY has only 3 firefighters on each engine!! This was an increase from the previous 2. They spent some money and had one of these three be a PARAMEDIC to help save lives

3. PARKS are NOT funded from sales tax but instead by an $87.50 parcel fee that has not increased in over 15 years!! The parks are not part of the current budget crisis.

4. Lots of money-saving actions are being considered and should be enough to stave off even the harshest of times.

As a note: Riverside's mayor, Ron Loveridge stated that they are experiencing a 40 million reduction in their revenue!! If true. THEY are in worse shape than Moreno Valley!!

Again Iddo Benzeevi has showed just how important it is that the citizens and the City government of Moreno Valley bail him out of his poor business judgment.

He has pulled out all the stops even crawled into bed with the racist individuals of Raul Wilson and Victoria Caca. This can be truly evidenced by his full sponsorship to the Highland Fairview Snack and Attack put on prior to the public hearing, in which he transported a great number of his so called supporters by bus, to eat from his trough, don one of his shirts, and arrive at the City Hall prior to 5:30 pm in order to take up any and all seats in a successful I might add attempt at preventing the true citizens of MoVal from speaking.

Last night’s hearing was merely a big joke, and again Iddo Benzeevi, Jerome Stephens and even a member of the Planning Commission itself, Michael Geller made the City of Moreno Valley look like one uneducated joke in the public's eye.

Just think it in a rational basis, without the used car sales pitch of the Michael Geller Circle Jerk Association.

We have a company that NATION WIDE employee 2514 employees, which is including sales, distribution, management and marketing.

It's not Skecher USA Inc. (for they remain silent on the issue) But "Highland Fairview" who would like you to believe that closing down five (5) warehouses in Ontario and transferring only that part of its operation to Moreno Valley, into a much "Higher Tech and Automated facility which will be completely robotic" (from Iddo Benzeevi himself), will have the effect of causing the need for Skecher to more than double its present work force, from 2514 employees to now over 5014.

Find me an American business, that seeks to centralize and streamline their business in tough times and at the same time more than double its employment needs, health care cost, workers compensation costs and so on, and I'll show you a business that is bound to fail in today's economy.

Yes Iddo's sales tactics only work on those of the uneducated; those who feel that their political careers will be destroyed by him if they don't tow is line, and let’s not forget his partners in this over all scam who will profit off the backs of others.

This is a man (Iddo Benzeevi) who in public will claim he has no relationship with the Moreno Valley Taxpayers Association or Michael Geller. However in private he tells a complete different story, one of full control not, only of the fliers that were sent out to attack those who opposed his project but as to their exact content and wording.

This same man was going to put out fliers once again much like the prior ones against Frank West and Charles White, but this time against the normal citizens of the City (Moreno Valley), until he was urged not to do so by Mike Rios.

Rewarding this man in any way after his extortionist tactics in this city is like rewarding the child for kicking the dog.

The only thing the citizens of this city should give Iddo Benzeevi and his band of service dogs is a trip before a grand jury for political corruption.

"It is also clear that you do not know what the business park designation means. The only limit on business park is a maximum single building size of 50,000 feet. That means that you could build a campus of 30 truck warehouses without seeking a zone change in this area." (Michael S. Geller Jan. 5th 2009)

"It is absolutely amazing how much faulty information is floating around out there." (Michael S. Geller Jan. 5th 2009)

Lets see, 36 separate business vs. one single rental tenant.

Thirty six separate businesses would employ a much large work force than one single fully automated and robotic warehouse.

There is no zoning requirement that in the absence of one 1.8 million sq ft warehouse, that 36 50,000 warehouses would have to be built in its place.
That my friends is Benzeevi Geller SPIN.

This area in zoned for light industrial, not just that of WAREHOUSES. Things such as manufacturing plants and other forms of industrial use.

The area which is zoned for things such as department stores, educational facilities, medical offices etc. will be reduced, along with the jobs that these forms of businesses produce along with the educational opportunities needed to enter into a much better paying job market than that of warehouses.

The proposed tenant Skechers U.S.A., INC. will need to employ and additional 2500 employees as a result of moving into this 1.8 million square foot warehouse.

At the present time Skechers U.S.A., INC. employs nation wide approximately 2514 employees, that includes outlet stores, warehousing, web service staff, and executive and managerial staffs.

Skechers U.S.A., INC. has five warehouses in the city of Ontario, CA. which at any given time only employ 120 employees, that would be the equivalent of 24 employees per warehouse.

These warehouses are not fully automated and require a much larger work force along with having to operate 5 distinctly different locations adds to that high employment need.

Once settled into there new rental this would change those needs dramatically.

They will no longer have the need to staff five separate facilities as they do now, the new digs will be fully automated and robotic again reducing their present staffing needs.

Given that information, Mr. Geller and Iddo Benzeevi would like us all to believe that, in some way such a move would cause Skecher U.S.A, INC. to require an increase to their employment needs DOUBLE their present requirements.

This scenario just doesn't make good business sense in today's troubled times.

Now if you were lucky or unlucky which ever way you chose to look at it, you may have received a nice flier for a change from Iddo Benzeevi on the proposed Skechers warehouse (Iddo gave me mine personally).

One would need to question what does a runway model in fancy attire, and high heels, or what looks like a quality control employee checking the specs on a machined metal part have to do with Skechers?

One quick look and their product lines show no such clothing, shoes or even that they manufacture machined parts, in fact all their manufacturing is outsourced overseas costing Americans much needed JOBS, they just wish to come here to MoVal to store the merchandise, and not let Americans share in the fruits of their labor.

Again I also find the back of the flier quite interesting as well. What is this woman doing running through what looks like a green grassy field, head titled back with arms stretched wide as she seems to be taking in the smell of fresh unpolluted air?


Lil' Gordie likes spending all his time attacking me and making frivolous allegations.

I have heard that Lil' Gordie is on the Rios payroll. Maybe, maybe not. A wanna be police officer who thinks that by saying "FACT", it makes it true.

I simply have stated the truth about the zoning of the area that is the proposed Highland Fariview Industrial Park.

Lil' Gordie in the past has made fun of some of my typos. Let's see, I "serve" the city, not Serv. I do either, not eaither and I don't do the opposit, I do the opposite. Maybe you need a new spell checker.

Lil' Gordie, we are all concerned with this project. That is all I hear people talking about. It is my job to be concerned about all projects that come in front of us.

See I told you no spell check

Why didnt the council at that farce of a hearing on thursday ask real questions?

They asked two questions about frikking landscaping and one about some things that looked like bridges!

Can anyone answer the following questions:

1) Who is going to pay to fix the rapidly degrading redlands boulevard? it is in bad shape now!
2) What inpact will this have on home prices?
3) Who will pay to expand the exits to handle the trucks?
4) Any figures on crime?
5) Is there going to be a need for more fire and police protection? How is it going to be paid for?
6) The pamphlet says the site will contribute 45 million, is this total for the 10 year lease? that is 4.5 mill a year, how much will Moreno Valley keep after the feds and state gets his cut?

Mr. Geller: I understand that you will not release a list of the members of the MV Taxpayers Assoc. How about you list them here? Gloria Baca who helped you, Stephens, and Benzeevi is the treasurer handling the $33,000 Molina received to oust Charles White. Funny huh? The taxpayers assoc. LIED to oust White and West. The Press Enterprise even states that you lied on that trash that cluttered our mailboxes daily. I have been trying to figure out why you are so anti-American. II would also like to know how you explain to your family the need to welcome an anti-American company that is going to poison the air they breathe, weaken their lungs, and possibly give them cancer? Is it greed, or do you not have family? As a parent, I would protect my children with my own life. Isn't that what a parent does? I feel sorry for your family. I willl say a prayer for them, and all the poor folks that believe they will be able to get a job at the warehouse, including all of those you exploited last Thursday. May God forgive you.


Dear So-Called Patriot:

You never once say what the Moreno Valley Taxpayers Association lied about. And the Press Enterprise never wrote such a story.

Did the Taxpayers Association lie about the number of crimes committed in Moreno Valley that were provided by the Attorney General? Did the Taxpayers Association lie about the amount of traffic on the freeway with the numbers provided by the Southern California Association of Governments that Moreno Valley is a member of? Did the Taxpayers Association lie about West and White voting to give City Manager Bob Gutiterrez a 7% pay raise last year so that he is making over $266,000 a year while the City had to make cuts to cover deficits of about $14 million two years in a row, information that you can find in your the Press Enterprise?

No, the Moreno Valley Taxpayers Association did not lie in any of its mailers. It provided a public service to the citizens of Districts 1 and 3 by finally telling the truth about the failures of Frank West and Charles White. They got re-elected year after year because of voter apathy. This year apathy stayed home and the people spoke, finally electing two councilmembers that actually want to do some work for the people that elected them.

This is an answer to "Just A Citizens" questions above.

1. The City has a road repaving program that was maintaining all of the public streets on a regular basis and filling potholes within 24 hours of them being reported. Given the budget problems of recent years, road repairs have been scaled back and Redlands Blvd. is not on the priority list for repairs at this time.

2. The Corporate Park that is being proposed will have minimal impact on home prices since they have already fallen as far as they have. Many economists including John Husing state that home prices rise when there are more jobs in a city, so the Corporate Park would likely help home values increase. The biggest threat to home values is the number of foreclosures in an area. People can get those homes at a steal, depressing the market of regular sales and forcing owners to lower their prices. With Moreno Valley having such a high number of foreclosures, that factor must turn around before home prices rise again in the city.

3. This is a federal, state, and county function that is typically handled through RCTC (Riverside Transportation Commission). All of the on/off ramps on the 60 freeway through Moreno Valley are to be improved and expanded. Redlands and Theodore could be improved and expanded earlier with mitigation fees paid for the approval of the Corporate Park. State law would require that the developer be reimbursed for any costs not associated with the project, as the improvements would benefit not only the Corporate Park, but the residents who use Redlands and Theodore and other businesses that might use the on/off ramps.

4. The proposed Corporate Park will not have an impact on crime one way or another. Its impacts will be neutral. Had a high school been built in this area, crime would have risen, as neighborhoods surrounding high schools typically have higher property crimes than those not near high schools. Another factor of increased crime is the number of people on parole in a city, which is relatively high in Moreno Valley and is likely to increase when a new parolee re-entry living facility is open at March Base with beds for 100 or more parolees residing there.

4. No, as explained in the previous answer. The Corporate Park will likely generate $7 million in tax revenue for the City, and it would be at the discretion of the City Council how to spend this new revenue. Police and fire protection has been a priority of the City Council so it is highly likely that a great deal of this money will be budgeted for public safety.

5. I'm not familiar with the pamphlet you are referring to, but the approval of the Corporate Park will contribute an estimated $157,000,000 to the economy of Moreno Valley, much of which will be taxable created a revenue boost for the City as mentioned in the answer to question 4.

Hope this helps. I really enjoy this site. I just wish some of you would tone down your language and your rhetoric. It is not professional or civilized.


As for answers to all your "questions" on the project, when all the public testimony is in, I will make a decision and I will tell the public what my decision is and why.

It's funny. Lil' Gordie spoke to the Planning Commission. I have notes of everyone who spoke. Yet of all the things listed in these "posts", he did not bring up one of them to the Planning Commission, the body that actually makes a decision. I guess it is easier to write such drivel behind a keyboard than actually make a coherent presentation to the Planning Commission.

Lil' Gordie...I hope your statement about being in a parked car is not a threat. Making threats to public officials, whether you like them or not, that interferes or could interfere with the performance of their duties can be charged as a felony.

You do not have a first amendment right to threaten me and that will not be tolerated.

It would appear Mikey has spell check and grammar check for the Internet, but he lacks comprehension skills.

I fail to see any threat to him in my corny little poem.

I will let the public be the judge, here it is;

"And by the way last Wednesday a vehicle I did observer, I new it not to be from my hood.

I put on my copper hat and gave it a tail, knowing that soon a crime would this would in tale.

A few minutes later bingo a burg in progress I did catch.

I called my partners by way of dispatch, A few hours later one they did catch.

Three were outstanding but that's not to bad, for they left their car and the stuff they did have.

A video I did give to those who gave chase, for they know of my efforts they stay out of my face.

See they know me well around this here hood, even Bonnie the council members has always understood.

The dealers and punks around these here parts no better than play around here in the dark, for you never no where Lil Gordie is parked.

If all this is wrong to you then oh well, for I could not care you can go straight to hell."

The part he takes issue with is this;

"The dealers and punks around these here parts no better than play around here in the dark, for you never no where Lil Gordie is parked."

I don't see any reference to Mikey here, unless he is a drug dealer or a criminal punk.

What do you think?

Maybe it is Mikey a government official who is making the threats. Telling me to remain silent or he will use his position in city government to attack me with the local police.

Whats up Mikey?

As normal no I don't have spell check.

As usual you fail to address my facts, your just a punk.


Oh Mikey and who was trying that little copper thing, you know playing Deputy Barney P. Fife.

If my memory serves me right that was you, till they gave you the boot.

Hey Barney how is Mayberry these day's?

And by the way last Wednesday a vehicle I did observer, I new it not to be from my hood.

I put on my copper hat and gave it a tail, knowing that soon a crime would this would in tale.

A few minutes later bingo a burg in progress I did catch.

I called my partners by way of dispatch, A few hours later one they did catch.

Three were outstanding but that's not to bad, for they left their car and the stuff they did have.

A video I did give to those who gave chase, for they know of my efforts they stay out of my face.

See they know me well around this here hood, even Bonnie the council members has always understood.

The drug dealers and punks around these here parts no better than play around here in the dark, for you never no where Lil Gordie is parked.

If all this is wrong to you then oh well, for I could not care you can go straight to hell.

Shall we play....GAME!

(an edited version for I guess I can't post like "Thank Mr. Geller", I Take it Mikey cried to mommy).

He forgets all those fliers he, Stephens and Benzeevi put out last year.

I guess Mikey can dish it out but he can't take it (Now who is Lil')

Not to mention the actions taken by Armada Elementary, by the Benzeevi crew.

Remember the harassing of little kids and photographing them and their mothers. What men they are.

Thank you for your answers, which raise even MORE questions allow me:

1&3) If Redlands boulevard is NOT on the priority list, when the construction begins (am sure it will happen given the citizens of MoVal have no voice), it will be repaired to allow safe passage of the construction and future trucks into the warehouse, therefore if Sketchers fixes them they will be reimbursed since some citizens will also use them.
2&4) Guess you have never lived around City of Industry or Whittier Narrows areas, take a trip there on a Friday night, but, please do it with some sort of armed escort!.
5) If you would like I can send you mine, ESTIMATED 157 Million? much in taxes? The pamphlet which is signed by this man says 45 million? who's fudging the numbers?

Please allow me a couple of questions which escaped my train of thought while typing my original questions:
1) Sketchers employs approximately 2400 people US wide, how can they promise 2500 here alone? or are they total "generated" which means, janitors, fast-food places,people to cut grass,etc,etc
2) How many people are transferring here from their Ontario plants?
3) How many jobs has Sketchers GUARANTEED ?

Again, thank you for giving me some intelligent answers instead of the ones BOTH sides get.

Is this website a marketing tool for the city of Riverside, because you Moreno Valley people really seem like complete lunatics.

Who cares if the guy calls you Little or if Mikey Likes It. Size doesn't matter and Mikey's been eating Life cereal for 30 years now.

If you want to know why the values of your homes suck and your city is about to go bankrupt, don't blame Judge Iddo, Nike, or the economy. Blame yourselves. NO ONE READING THIS WOULD WANT TO LIVE ANYWHERE NEAR ANY OF YOU!!!!!!!

As a Moreno Valley citizen I am embarrassed and ashamed reading these comments. No matter how controversial the issues are, I don't believe the language being used is appropriate. I am especially shocked to read the inappropriate responses being made by a public official like Michael Geller. Mr. Geller you are to be an example of professionalism as a public official and an attorney. No matter what people are writing you should not stoop down and make comments to insult people. It really bothers me that people like you are in our city’s planning commission. I hope and pray that you change your tactic towards the responses made on these forums and respond appropriately. On a side note regarding the warehouse issue…I hope you don’t take this likely and make a decision for the better of Moreno Valley and its people, and not as publicized as your own personal agenda.


I would like to apologize to all those who were offended by my language in a prior post, which was in fact removed by the webmaster.

I guess I did go a little to far in addressing the personal attack against me by a member of our City government here in Moreno Valley.

I do however not offer this apology to Mr. Geller himself, for he is no more than a fraud, and as stated a punk.

This man was voted into a positions which receives a very minimal of payment, however he is bound by the laws of this state to be open and unbiased in his duties.

One look at the things he posts and his other actions and associations he is not holding up to those requirements.

Might I add that it seems to bother some that his business partner a City Councilman and now the round robin Mayor, continually votes for his approval to the planning commission.

Again my deepest apologies to all those offended or otherwise.

U guys R Nuts has it exacty right. MV is a pocket of corruption rivaling Chicago. Expect a Blagovich type scandal any time. I have lived here over 20 years but don't recommend it to anyone. I've been told that MV is the only place you move to then immediately start planning to move out! Don't come here, buy a home here, or shop here. Our city council is owned by developers and the quality of life is horrible. And you can see the class our our so-called public servants. Scottie, beam me up...now!

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