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The only reason the PE does not like Sniff is because he pitched a big bitch when they put a picture of Mike Haugen laying on the ground dead in front of his police car in 1997 on the front page of their newspaper. Talk about class less!

(Laughing) It is interesting that INSIDE RIVERSIDE never posted any facts earlier when several asked for them. Think you also might be just a teeny weenie bit biased rather than factual like that other paper?!?!?!?

Come on!!!! -

Those who made the decision to run Mike Haugen's photo haven't been with the paper for years. In fact, I believe the editors left before Sheriff Doyle took office. That has nothing to do with it. I still have close contact with the reporters. Professional ethics, integrity and honesty are still a high priority with them. They have pursued the stories about RSO that they can actually back up with facts or with named reliable sources. If you check the archives for the past few years, you will see that RSO has had very little positive press. This is because they have a reactive media bureau and not proactive. Mr/Ms webmaster...Nice to see you up and running again.....This is a very popular site

First off, it was only Dan Bernstein that figured out the real significance of the appointment. This appointment breaks years and years of self-appointed successors. Sheriff Sniff is the first truly new sheriff we have had in many, many years. Sorry Mike.

Second, the LA Times had a great article today. Why can't the Press Enquirer do such real reporting?

Doyle is still spouting sour grapes about Stan Sniff's termination. Bob...Get a life! If it ain't in the personnel file, it did not happen. The "15 incidents" that Doyle keeps talking about were not in the personnel file (the LA Times reporter looked), therefore, it did not happen. From my reading of the LA Times article, the last discipline Sheriff Sniff received was as a young deputy a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

I find it intriguing when members of the Sheriff's executve staff testify before the board of Supervisors as to abuses they witnessed and endured, the Press Enterprise labels them "rumor and innuendo." That's actually called evidence.

Kudos to the Board of Supervisors for seeing what was going on and making the best decision.

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