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To the board of Supervisors, I hope for your sakes that this column is not read by the same 73% that voted Doyle into office. I might be a little worried come election time.
It is more than a little dishonest to say that you want the selection process to be open and transparent, all the while knowing that you are merely going through the motions.

You may be making a mistake in your assessment. The Undersheriff appears to be hands down the most qualified in so far as formal education, background, and experience. The only negative against him seems to be that he is a member of "Sheriff Doyle’s staff."
But if we are to hold that against him, might I also point out the following about the other candidates for Sheriff…

“Fired” Assistant Sheriff Stan Sniff
(was also a member of Doyle's staff)

Assistant Sheriff Valerie Hill (Also a member of Doyle’s staff)

Former assistant Sheriff Boyd. (Was also a member of Doyle’s staff)

Lt Heron of LAPD
(friend of Supervisor Jeff Stone)


All of Neil Lingle's education does not make him the best candidate for the position. In the grand jury report where most of the 2nd floor club did not report any time off and cashed out their allowed admin leave, the report specifically indicated that time records could not be located for anyone with the last name beginning with "L". Neil Lingle's education only makes him think he is better than everyone.

Now that logic and common sence has prevailed and the decision has been made, I hope the SNAKES don't hurt them selves slithering down the stairs of the 2nd story back door exit! Don't let the bottom door to the parking lot slam you in it on the way out!

Now that Col Sniff has had a brief rest from the tensions of the office I expect he will perform admirably. He is in a position that he worked hard to get and he deserves to be where he is. I believe he is more than qualified and it would be an awfully hard decision to pick between him and Valerie Hill. I hope that he does indeed appoint Valerie Hill to be his right hand. I would have her at my right hand any day in any situation. Valerie Hill was always good in the trenches wherever they were and she still exhibits integrity and excellent judgment beyond question. I just hope that the new sheriff and his administration can work together with RSA and the Management Unit to keep the department running well. I do not believe that the style change to an outsider from another department would have helped calm the troubled water. The tempest in the teapot was big enough

It wasn't the entire second floor that committed payroll fraud - only Lingle and Andrews. I can state that for a fact.

Well, Trailblazer, since you can state for a fact that certain individuals committed payroll fraud, are you not complicit for not turning them in?

I did turn them in first to Doyle who did nothing. I later appeared before the Grand Jury and testified and provided them copies of the payroll records.

I did turn them in first to Doyle who did nothing. I later appeared before the Grand Jury and testified and provided them copies of the payroll records.

Well, Trailblazeron it seems that despite your fine efforts, the Grand Jury didn't think enough of your so called evidence to prosecute. Could it be that there was no fraud? Maybe only a disgruntled employee trying his best to make trouble? By the way how did you get copies of payroll records that didn't belong to you?

The Grand Jury DId find sufficient evidence to recommend the Board commission a forensic audit. Why the Board failed to do so is a question more properly put to them.
I am not now, nor ever have been. disgruntled. The copies of payroll records that were seized were a means of preserving the evidence (remember how the "L" files later were "lost." Remember, first rule of investigation, preserve the evidence.

Your loss. I was partners with Neil when he was a street cop in a pretty active city. It is your loss.

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