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They say in the end, karma will prevail. I'm just happy I got to see it not only in my life time, but while a proud member of the RSO. Having known Neil for over 20 years, I am happy to say "Neil you finally got what you had coming." Thank you John F. Tavaglione, Jeff Stone and Marion Ashley for being our hero's. You have no idea of the depth of the dragon you just slayed, we could not have done it without you men. Please don't stop there and clean up all post in the ivory tower. Remove all the clones up there and restore this department to what it once was. Thank you

After watching and reading what has been going on with the department over the past few weeks and months - I have to say that I am glad that I am retired!

I can bet Gentle Ben Clark must be rolling in his grave.

Hopefully Riverside County Sheriff's department will again become the flagship department it once was.

You were right on the money. Pacheco knew who he wanted as did three of the Supervisors and the union leaders. Not one of the candidates knew they were put up as a deflection just so the Supervisors would have the appearance of holding an open, honest and above board meeting. Yes, honesty and integrity were surely restored yesterday.

As far as your remarks concerning Supervisors Buster and Wilson are concerned,shame on you for fabricating. They actually stated that Sniff would make a good candidate come election time, but in their opinion keeping the Undersheriff at the helm was the best choice for the interim. What was that you said about honesty?

While I look forward to your little blogs and appreciate your wit, I must beg to differ. I did sit in the back of the supervisors chamber yesterday and when the final decision was announced, the Undersheriff stood up and shook hands with some people sitting nearby and then said a few words to some other people and then vacated the building like everyone else…I realize your version is funnier, but I saw no tantrum. Sorry, but what was that you said about honesty?

I will now give you a prediction based on a wink and a nod and some exchanges between Stone, Tavaglione and Sniff. Shortly after taking office, the Sheriff will promote Valerie Hill to the position of Undersheriff.. After all, they are counting on him to be the Sheriff who does as he’s told!
Just so you know, I have no dog in this race. I am merely an observer.
When this comes to pass, mark me down for “1”.

I can only say that I'm elated by the majority vote of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. Stan Sniff is the name I wrote down on my LEMU ballot! I am very happy to see an ethical leader like Stan (and a proven combat 185th Armor veteran, whooa) elevated to the top law enforcement position in Riverside County! Enough said!!! I am happy to go to work now!

Well Mr. Sargent, I have a question or two if you don't mind. How is it they thought enough of you guys to allow you to write a name on the ballot but not of the rank and file. From what I heard the union leaders took that decision out of their hands.
Secondly, what is this paper all the staff under the sheriff must sign? Am I to understand that all Sheriff's can fire anyone without cause or simply because he dislikes them? And if that is true do you think the new sheriff will continue the practice now that he is the one doing the firing.

This whole affair with the Riverside Sheriff's Office has the earmarks of when President Richard Nixon left office. There was a lack of trust in the Office of President. Nixon had a whole host of folks who were carrying out the party line for him. Nixon left his loyal followers to spin in the wind. He left office with his retirement in tack.

I only hope the Sheriff-appointee Stan Sniff is another Gerald Ford. Hopefully he can bring back trust to the Office of Sheriff. He will garner the respect and loyal of the people of Riverside County. He will be able to effectively oversee and guide the many agendas of the individual organizational forces with the Sheriff's Department. The Sheriff's Department needs a proactive leader, not an individual who is looking for next political conquest.

God Bless you men and women who go out there everyday and do a very tough job. It's a job that I once loved, for about the first twelve years of my career with RSO. I knew Stan Sniff my entire career with RSO. YOU now have a leader whom you can be proud to say you serve. But, he won't allow himself to be served. His focus will be on your safety and that of the citizens of Riverside County. Myself and several others predicted for years that the department would crumble from the top down. We even told some of them that it would happen. Sadly, tragically and very unfortunately, we were right. I do believe that the current leaders once had good intentions, but let absolute power corrupt, absolutely. After twenty one years with LASO and RSO I left the department saying that I would rather deal with a bad guy, on drugs, with a gun than an administrator with a pen. With the bad guy, there were no surprises. Once again, God Bless You and keep you very safe as you continue in your honored, chosen profession. Keep your faith first, your family second and everything else will fall into place.


I was warned before I went to RSO, and I learned the hard way that the warnings were right. Unfortunately I didn't get out in time before it ended my career.

Perhaps professionalism and integrity will be returned to RSO from the top down, and the honest protectors of the public will start moving back up the ladder.

God bless!

Mark me down for "1". As I stated earlier, Sniff has promoted his galpal Val to the position of undersheriff...Gee, what a surprise!

Don't pat yourself on the back so much. It wouldn't take much more than an idiot to realize that Valerie Hill is both qualified and deserving or promotion to UnderSheriff. When a choice is obvious nobody gets credit for being clarivoyant (look up the word). The great thing for you is that if anybody is able to identify you, you don't have to worry about retaliation as before. THIS Sheriff supports Freedom of Speech.

Val Hill is as deserving of being promoted to undersheriff as you were of being demoted.

If you're referring to me, I never was demoted. I would like to point out that I was NEVER promoted under Doyle, a poit of pride I relish.

I never played his brand of softball.

Sounds like sourgrapes, Trailblazer.

Nope - never been happier or more contented in my entire life. Things are good all over the county again.

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