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He worked his whole career serving the citizens of this county the best he could.

He may have made mistakes, but there is no need to kick him anymore. He's leaving.


I quite agree with you- It is very easy to point fingers and apply blame but much more difficult to understand and accept the good things done over the years.

I wish Sheriff Doyle the very best in what ever he chooses to do in the future.

So you say he promoted based on the size of contributions. The last one promoted coincidently, right around the time of his re-election was Valerie Hill. Wonder how much she donated..

I wish the new Sheriff well, but he should start out by being honest about the real reason he was fired. Doyle wasn't going to run for re-election, and even if he were grooming someone for the position they would still have to be elected. His reason makes no sense so I must assume it is a lie.

Have you seen how elections are ran? It's not about the issues anymore. It's the size of your warchest and your image. Any threat to either can cause serious problems to a candidate. Ask the Sheriff in Orange County he did the same thing. It's nothing new.

The reason he promoted Val Hill has been published numerous times--to get her to retire.

To EnufSaid--How to get your man elected:

Your Undersheriff retires, promote your protégé to Undersheriff, and then you retire. Then your protégé runs as the incumbent. This was going to happen and a very ill-kept secret.

Anything good that has occurred over the past five years of Doyle's reign of terror was accomplished by those who were brought up under Ben Clark, Cois Byrd and Larry Smith. Doyle's legacy is as reported above. Val Hill knew better than to contribute. She was promoted by Doyle to get rid of her (not that she wasn't deserving). Doyle continues to show an absolute lack of class. I hear his protegee Lingle slinked away under the cover of darkness. Doyle "faired" his underling Mikey Andrews so he could award him six months severance - after 20 years. He only gave Sniff three months after 30 years. Go figure.

That strange thing you are smelling is a breath of fresh air. I wish the best to every honest and hard working man and woman of RSO and particularly to Sheriff Sniff.

Anything good that has occurred over the past five years of Doyle's reign of terror was accomplished by those who were brought up under Ben Clark, Cois Byrd and Larry Smith. Doyle's legacy is as reported above. Val Hill knew better than to contribute. She was promoted by Doyle to get rid of her (not that she wasn't deserving). Doyle continues to show an absolute lack of class. I hear his protegee Lingle slinked away under the cover of darkness. Doyle "faired" his underling Mikey Andrews so he could award him six months severance - after 20 years. He only gave Sniff three months after 30 years. Go figure.

That strange thing you are smelling is a breath of fresh air. I wish the best to every honest and hard working man and woman of RSO and particularly to Sheriff Sniff.

Oops - my bad. Forgot to mention that the illustrious Executive Officer (to him that was "Grand Exalted Chief of Staff") Tom Freeman has had a soft landing at the Economic Development Agency. This is his second tour there (he failed elsewhere before)probably at the request/direction/behest of County Supervisor Roy Wilson. Why do we own this clown a job anywhere? There is also rumor that Mikey Andrews' "significant other" Ruthie is in search of a job OUTSIDE of RSO. Remember, after she and Mikey initiated their illicit affair (they were both married - but not to each other at the time) Doyle caused her to be put in a slot that increased her salary somewhere near $12,000 a year. The position required a BA degree (which she does NOT possess) or "extensive" experience in event planning. Okay, she helped organize a few picnics, but EXTENSIVE experience? Just not there.

Speaking of "not there" - where will "His Esquire" Randy Throne" land?

When will this stuff stop?

I think next Tuesday at 9:00 A.M. when the new sheriff is sworn in.

Again, best to all of RSO.

The next few years will bring the same stuff with a new set of characters. Wake up people, there is more than enough blame to go around. Sniff started it at the board meeting where he cried foul over being let go. You were an at will employee pal, didn’t you read what you signed? Then in the next breath he says he would not do away with the at will clause. Is that because he also plans to use it to get rid of those with whom he disagrees? What a hypocrite! Val Hill followed Sniff’s lead and let everyone believe that she was browbeaten into accepting her promotion. When she told her “Grimm Fairy Tale” to the Supervisors, I couldn’t believe she could keep a straight face. She wanted that job and found a way to get in. Someone should ask her about her little visit to human resources. Her ploy didn’t get rid of who she wanted but it did get Doyle to open up a position for her, at her behest…Yeah, she lied and is no better than the rest of them.

Sniff NEVER gave any interview to the media although they tried several times to get him to go public about is firing. He only responded to a question from the Board of Supervisors. Obviously "your guy" is out so get over it and learn to live with reality - you now have to earn your position - they are no longer for sale.

I sure hope Sniff only wears fours stars. Why in the hell was Doyle wearing five anyhow?

The "Supreme Allied Commander" is out and the new Sheriff is in. Yes, Sheriff Sniff has enough class to wear only four stars instead of the five stars in a circle like Dwight D. Eisenhower (Supreme Alied Commander / former President of the United States) and Douglas MacArthur. Check out Sniff's picture on the RSD Website. The only sheriff that I know of in the whole State of California to wear five stars is Lee Baca. Everyone else seems to be just fine wearing only four!

Bob Bitchen, (At least he thinks so) AKA "Neal Lingle", made the ignorant comment one time in front of a LE class he was teaching that, "Once he got rid of the Vietnam era RSO command staff, the department would be better off." I guess the "Vietnam era" guys got rid of his happy ass! Good riddence! Maybe he can get his old job back at DHS, right where he belongs.

P.S.-I really like Neal's hairdoo!

Hmm, where to begin... I would like to wish Doyle well; I liked him but often wondered who really ran the show him or Lingle ??? I am very happy that Lingle will not be taking over and that the "Loyal Doyal" crowd is being broken down. This group was not a nice group they were pretty cut throat and liked to play many mind games. They proved that it didn't matter how well or how devoted you were to the department but how well you could take it dry! ...and if you weren't the company "yes man" then you were either out the door or on your way... I hope that Sniff (since I don't know him) proves to be a better man and can pull the department back together. So far I have seen many happy RSO employee's who seem to be very hopeful; so Sniff has lots to live up to and a lot of work to do. Good luck Sheriff Sniff your coming back was Karma and I'm sure you'll do the right things. ;)

As for Lingle he didn't "slink" away he slithered (that's what snakes do!)

Kudos to Sheriff Sniff for chosing to wear four stars. The five stars seemed to be a bit over the top, even for an ego-maniac.

Four Stars - Five Stars or more! Who cares?!?!? Is there not more important things to be concerned about than how many stars the sheriff has on his collar?

come on gentlemen get a grip! You should take note how you sound to an old guy!

Best wishes for a bright future to eveyone at RSD!

There is change in the wind, Suggest you may want to concern yourself about restoring the depatment to its historical honest past. To me that seems like a very important step right now. Let's think positive! The kinks will work out as long as the new sheriff demands absolute honesty and truthfulness, and leads by following those rules himself.

Everything else will fall right into place if those concepts are met.

Don’t you think that if Sniff thought he was wronged he would have given an interview and shouted at the top of his lungs. He kept his mouth shut for a reason. He responded to a question that he already knew was coming because he had it down in his notes. And by the way “Doyle” was not and never has been my guy. As far as I’m concerned he left his staff holding the baggage for a lot of what he started. I was merely making the point that although one would hope for change, one shouldn’t hold their breath. There seems to be enough sneaky underhandedness to go around. That includes Doyle’s bunch, Sniff and Hill, and most of all the Supervisors and RSO leadership…


You were lackluster in your career and things don't appear to have changed much.

You were a whiner then and you have only perfected the technique.

Bad form Trailblazer.

It was a proud moment when Stan Sniff was sworn in as Sheriff of Riverside County! Two of the three former, living, retired sheriffs were present. However, I didn't see Bob Doyle at the ceremony. It was also kind of amusing watching all of the former "Loyal Doyle Camp Folks" (whether they paid for their promotions or not) attempting to save face! Sheriff Sniff has a big job ahead of him, but I know he's more than capable of handling the task. October 2nd was a great day for RSD and I hope that the healing can now begin!

Today's swearing in was awesome. When Tavalone said" There's a new Sheriff in Town" the place burst out in applause. After the swearing in, it was a standing ovation. I attended Doyles swearing in, and although he had a lot of "hoopla" staged and scripted - the applause for Sniff was from the heart of the troups.

Yes, yesterday was another great day for the Riverside Sheriff's Department. The atmosphere was electric with excitement.

However, Mr. Blogmaster I do have a question. Reading the P-E News I find a quote in the paper from Supervisor Roy Wilson a bit interesting. "Supervisor Roy Wilson, who advocated for the special election, said his position had been based on his support for a "stop-gap sheriff" in retired Undersheriff Neil Lingle." But now, "I would suggest we back off on our efforts to get a quick election and give Sniff a chance to prove himself," Wilson said, and the board agreed.

Can you folks at Inside Riverside tell us what the rest of the story is and why the change of heart from conducting a special election?

With the "shakeup," who is on the second floot now? I have yet to hear anything confirmed.

There is a very important question that was never answered. Why wasn't Andrews disciplined for sexual harassment when his affair with Ruth Cummings began? He was in a superior position. Had it gone bad, Andrews would have put the RSO in a very serious financial problem because of the legal ramifications.

But as far as Ruth having the job that required a BA that she didn't technically have, we should cut her some slack. After all she did to Doyle's graduate and doctoral work for him, on the RSO clock no less.

How come everyone on here that is bitching about Stan Sniff being fired for cause keeps neglecting to say that Stan waived his rights and opened up his personnel file for the Board of Supervisors?

The Desert Sun, Press Enterprise, and LA Times all wrote articles about their review of Sniff's file and found not one problem, even after he challenged Ben Clark in 82.

Still Doyle says he had cause to fire Sniff. If so why wasn't it in the file? Was it misplaced or shredded like the time cards for Lingle and Andrews?

Or was Bob Doyle keeping secret employment files on his troops in violation of the law?

Wow....without Doyle to kick around the number of articles/posts on this blog has dropped substantially.

I am sure that the promotion today of Hill to Undersheriff will be met with little to no fanfare here. I thought you said things would be different with the new sheriff? Different person....same result. She traded her promise of a retirement date for Assistant Sheriff and has now worked a deal for Undersheriff.

Different day...Different person...same outcome.

I am just stunned that having Sniff shoved up my ass, by the POS Riverside County BOS, with out so much as an offer of K-Y, we are now made to suffer the promises made by this sheriff to Hill. She acts like a whining adulteress, who now has gotten her partner to give up his wife and acts as though she worked for this? PLEASE.
I didn't vote for Sniff, he was rejected by 72% of the citizens of Riverside County, so OF COURSE he doesn't want a special election - because he knows we DO NOT WANT HIM and he would LOSE. So he wants to prolong his free ride on our backs for as long as he can.

Wow! Do you guys keep all of those sour grapes in one sack? I think the new team will handle the job very well. Did you lose the inside track? I do not see any of you mounting a successful campaign to do anything better. Nor are you supporting your complaints and whines with facts. Unless I missed something, special elections cost the taxpayers a lot of cash. The appointed guy whoever he is deserves a chance. He is definitely well qualified and so are his appointees. How about getting behind someone with a little support instead of chopping away at what we have?

If you have a better plan put it up for a look-see! Mount up a movement and get some signatures. Do something productive instead of kicking people. Did someone not follow the least expensive availble procedure here. Can your guy not wait til the next election? Or is it that the powers at hand just didn't want an outsider putting worse strain on the troops. There is no need to delay the process further. There is nothing "free" about where Stan Sniff came from or who he is and the same can be said for Val Hill. Both of these people came up with courage and savy and that is why they are where they are. Neither of them got anything free. (well maybe a donut or two) I think we are lucky to have them all (even Pete!)

Of course I guess that is what this blog is for. Kicking folks when they don't know you.

Wow, I'm disgusted by a couple of the previous comments that were posted here. Now more than anytime should be a moment of pause and healing for RSD! I think the comments about Val Hill being an adultress is mortifying and totally unqaulified! By the way, "with out" is one word, so please learn how to spell, or go back to elementary school. Is that you, Jimmy?

Give the new RSD top command staff a new chance. Buying promotions isn't allowed with the new leadership anymore! Please put your checkbooks away!

Mr. Bill got it right.

Val Hill is an excellent choice for U/S and has more than once proven her worth. The libelous comment by the idiot is a shame because face to face with her, she'd probably whup him.

Jimmy, gete over it! After all, we've gone three weeks now without a scandal or disusting rumor.

The only reason Lingle has an education is because he stayed in the station and study while leaving the real cops to do the real work. he was never more than a weasel.

There is still some house cleaning that Sniff will need to do to insure the cancer has been totally removed.

Look to those that were Doyle's puppets. A couple of Deputy chiefs come to mind. I don't want to mention any names but Robles and Meyers are a good start. Remember you don't have to be competent.

As for Doyle, he was always a punk, I remember no one who liked him in the Jail.

What comes around Goes around....

Remember McGowan, Many of us do. That story isn't over yet.

It's truly amazing to me who some small police departments will hire when a larger, more professional department won't.

Kind of reminds me of the folks Adelanto PD was hiring before SBSO took it over as a contract.

NEWS FLASH! Orange County California Sheriff is up on federal corruption charges. Could the royal Doyle and his boys be next??



You anti Doyle boys sure like to keep fanning the flames even when the fire is out, as are most of the embers! If the agenda now is to fire everyone who worked under Doyle, then Sniff’s gal pal Val must certainly go with the rest of them. Please, I can hear you moan about how she and she alone is the one person on Doyle’s staff who never teetered from the straight and narrow to get where she is today. Come now boys, this tells me that you really don’t know her very well
Get over yourselves gentlemen; you certainly don’t make for very gracious winners. Things aren’t always as they seem. You fellows might not know as much as you think you do. As far as I’m concerned, it’s too soon to tell if that smell is a “breath of fresh air” or the smell of a vacuum. As always I will remain vigilant in my position as a fly on the wall.

I agree with "Fly on the Wall." Although I'm no fan of Doyle, Lingle, or Andrews, the embers are out and it's time to move forward! Out with the old and in with the new. Let's just keep conducting business in an ethical and professional manner.

Wrong boys, I know much more than you think and the house cleaning has yet to be complete....

Perhaps you are worried it might be you next?

Oh I'm sure Sheriff Corona thought the house cleaning was done when he brow beat and suspended his Lieutenant who opposed him in his last re election bid. Wrong!

To their credit, the men and women of the Sherif's Department HAVE continued to perform in a professional and ethical manner throughout the reign of terror.
Since the appointment of Sheriff Sniff, I have heard nothing but positive comments from those who go to work every day and do their jobs to the best of their ability. While I agree that it is best to move forward, there are agencies out there who really want to look into the past practices of hiring, procurement, cronyism, "promote for pay" and acceptance of monetary or other rewards for contracts. Our best course is to let those folks take a look and let the chips fall where they may. In the meantime, RSO employees, continue to work with pride and professionalism.

And, thank you for everything you do for us.

If "The Truth" clainms to know much more than the rest of us I'd like to know just exactly what it is. Spell it out for the rest of us dummies. Put up or shup up.
I'll tell you what, if everyone writing on this blog will cough up their real name so will I. Frankly, I have nothing to worry about.

First of all I'd recommend some of you check your spelling,this profession does require more grammatical ability than some of you have recently displayed.

Secondly, I cannot go into detail because of ongoing investigations that may or may not involve any of you. Some of you have shown concern by making comment that you are not concerned.

I will say this, the problems of recent at the Sheriffs office are deeply seeded and have a long history. While I agree that Sheriff Sniff will bring a renewed spirit back to the office, his house is not yet completely clean, for both those that have departed and those that have yet to be removed.

If you want more detail look to those that supported Doyle and for their (support not ability) were granted postion and money.

It shouldn't be that hard to figure out, We all know who they are.

Still not worried?

One more thing ,why on earth would I want to make a target of myself to a criminal element through identification. Criminals lie about who they are are the time.

All that education and supposed report writing skills and you can't even spell at a 1st grade level.

Want a starting point worry wart,

Start with anyone who ever worked with top staff

Start with those that worked with McGowan.

I'm not going to say what the connection is,the guilty already know,God willing soon everyone else will.

I suppose your going into denial about that investigation also.

The more I think about it,I'm not sure you are on the job or ever did carry a badge,you certainly don't converse like one.

I'd like to know whatever came of folks like Mike Andrews and Neil Lingle. Did Mikey ever get his executive level position with Code Enforcement? What's Neil up to these days? Is he content in retirement with his position on the Desert Sands Unified School District Board? Is Randy Throne still actually a living breathing member of RSD? What about Joe Tucker?

Yes, the spelling and grammar is atrocious in some of the aforementioned comments. Our profession does require some level of intelligence and command of grammatical finesse. Jimmy, are you still out there?

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