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After reading this and some thought, there are two bad things that are happening as a result of Sheriff Doyle retiring:

1. He is retiring early
2. It gave you something else to whine and complain about after months of silence. What happened? Did you forget the password to log in or more likely, had nothing else to complain about.

Although somewhat satirical in nature, the above certainly hits the head on the nail. Doyle needs to leave and with him, he should take his soft-ball team, political-contributor friends whose financial security he has enhanced over the past 4.8 years. To have Lingle even wash our cars would be a catastophe.

Gee, your feelings about Doyle are pretty harsh. However, I did appreciate your wit. Your take on Doyle's resignation was clever, albeit not totally accurate.

First off, the insinuation that either Doyle or Lingle were at the softball game with Kamstra is false. But it does make for juicy gossip.

I also enjoyed your admiration of Supervisor Jeff Stone. He really was adamant about reopening Eagle Mountain. He was so sure he was right and Doyle was just being stubborn.It must have been really humiliating to have the very people reviewing the idea come back to agree with the Sheriff.

Well, I can't be too surprised, what does a man with a background as a pharmacist know of these things?

Then there is your take on Doyle's view as to who should replace him. While you criticize Undersheriff Lingle as a good choice, I would put up his background, education, training and experience to some of the other names I have seen.

Supervisor Stone, relying once again on his years of phrmaceutical experience came up with the following as some of his favorites choices to take over the Sheriff's position.

Former undershefiff Rick Sayre, who lost in his bid against Doyle last year by what amounts to a landslide..(Stone, your guy came in third. Unless no one else runs against Mr. Sayre, I suggest you rethink this candidate.)

His next choice is former Assistant Sheriff Stan Sniff, who was an at will employee fired last year for reasons known only to him and the Sheriff. (If I were Sniff, I would think it was in my best interest to have the Sheriff continue ussing "personal issues" as the reason.

His last choice seems to be recently appointed Assistant Sheriff Valerie Hill.
(To Supervisor Stone, I would say that Assistant Sheriff Hill has been at her current position for only 9 months. Are you of the opinion that she is absolutely ready to jump from a nine month stint as Assistant Sheriff, over the position of Undersheriff, and right into the top position of Sheriff of Riverside County?

I must say his candidates leave much to be desired. Well, what can one expect from a pharmacist?
He makes drugs for a living.

Although it is pretty evident just whose pocket you're in I have to say that I did enjoy your satire and look forward to reading more..

The link for the sheriff doyle letter has changed: it is


And, if you want, here's a link to the exclusive phone interview he did confirmed that he was leaving


I am not surprised by any of your comments. The question is where will Jack Kelley run and will he be able to hide when he gets there.

I have no reason to run, have not done anything that has not been in the best interest of the sheriff's department What reason would I have to run. rumors are easy to start, are usualy without basis, and are meant to harm those that they are directed at. Jeannette and I have an open book policy, and would be more than willing to dispell any rumors if only we were asked. As for hiding, those that know me, know that I stand up for right and wrong, and am not the type to hide. At anytime you are welcome to call me direct on my cell and ask questions of me. I am not afraid of what you will uncover.

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